Crispy chicken mix

Crispy chicken mix (Excl GST)

₹ 82.00₹ 100.00

Crispy Mix - Classic With rapidly changing lifestyles and increased global travel there is an ever changing consumer palate for different cuisines from around the world. While some regional dishes are nationally popular there are national dishes that are popular locally. Likewise there are internationally popular cuisines that are popular nationally and regionally such as Chinese and also fast food made popular by global QSR chains. At Thillai’s, we understand this phenomenon very well and have launched our Crispy Chicken Mix which us our own version of the QSR style crispy chicken. We also have variants of the Crispy Chicken in Hot & Spicy Crispy and Pepper Kick. For veg lovers, we have the Crispy Veg Mix. At Thillai’s we continue to seek out these hidden jewels from regional and international cuisines and offer them in convenient and easy to use packs. Available in convenient pack size of 250g.

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