Easy Madurai Mutton Fry Mix

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Easy Madurai Mutton Fry Madurai is famous for its jasmine, soft snow white idlis and Madurai Muniyandi Vilas Hotels. At the Madurai Muniyandi vilas it is all about the mutton sukka varuval. Any serious foodie will swear by the Madurai Mutton Sukka that is now popular across various hotels. Tender succulent bite sized pieces of mutton fried with a dash of coarse ground spices with a little oil and its own juices. Thillai’s Madurai Mutton Fry masala is our own version of the famous Madurai mutton sukka in a single serve, easy and convenien to cook pack. The Madurai region is surrounded by hardy terrain with dry thorny scrub (miskeet, karuvelai) that dot the land scape. The goats of this region are all usually free range goats that feed on this thorny scrub by standing on their hind legs to reach out for the green leaves. It is believed that this kind of feeding makes the goats muscular and gives a unique texture and taste. The traditional goat breed of Tamil Nadu is the Kanni and can be seen grazing among the thorny scrubs around Madurai.

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